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How Local London works

Local London is all about reaping the benefits of shared effort and collaboration.

Our ambition statement is ‘Globally connected, locally focussed’. This reflects our ethos, particularly in a post-Brexit world, that we’ll need to build better and stronger links globally to deliver our ambitions locally.

To achieve this, we want the Mayor of London, central government, partners, businesses and residents to work with us.

And, where we can, we’ll help individual members of Local London – the eight boroughs we represent – to realise their ambitions.

Our principles

We work to a set of shared principles. We:

  • use the collective to increase our influence over others
  • share knowledge, best practice and data to enhance our ability to achieve more
  • build a positive profile for this part of London to enhance the individual boroughs as well as region as a whole
  • work collaboratively with partners and stakeholders who have an interest in Local London
  • continue to build alliances with new and emerging partners
  • focus on delivery and achievement that is recognisable and useful

Forging local collaboration

At a local level, we’ll be working hard to forge closer links between our communities and business stakeholders between 2019–22 to ensure our work is relevant at grass-roots level.

We’ll be setting up 4 Local London boards – partly made up of community and business representatives – to make decisions around the societal and legislative issues we explore and respond to.

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