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Our structure

Local London has 2 strategic/oversight boards, 4 operational boards that deliver our work, plus a central office in Redbridge.

Strategic direction and oversight

  1. Joint Committee: holds Local London to account. This is made up of representatives of the member authorities.
  2. Leader/CE Board: provides direction and ensures the work of Local London is understood and on track.


There are 4 boards that bring partners and local authorities together to oversee and deliver Local London’s work:

  1. Skills and Employment Board: oversees the skills strategy and progresses specific issues around construction, enterprise and English as a second language (ESOL).
  2. Growth Board: inputs into the Local Industrial Strategy, oversees our approach to infrastructure, and setts out our inward investment plan.
  3. Communities Board: ensures that cohesion issues are considered strategically, and develops joint approaches with health, police, education and business.
  4. Programme Board: provides oversight around our range of funded programmes and seeks out future opportunities that align to our ambitions.


The Local London office is hosted from Redbridge Council in Ilford.

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