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About Friends of Local London

Local London could not be successful in isolation. It relies upon a wide-ranging number of individuals, partners and organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors to do its work.

Our Friends of Local London programme has been set-up to recognise those partnerships, and explore other ways of working together to grow our sub-region.

What does a Friend of Local London do?

A Friend of Local London works with Local London to achieve its objectives for growth across the sub-region.

Residents here do not always benefit from the prosperity and advantages of our capital city. Many are stuck in low-paid jobs or out of work, lack the skills to get ahead, live in poorer housing, or grapple with the rising costs of day-to-day living.

There are many causes of this. But it’s our role to tackle the key issues that really have an impact on the growth of this sub-region so we can improve conditions for everyone.

Friends of Local London work with us to tackle these issues and achieve objectives like:

  • improving transport and digital infrastructure to open up new opportunities
  • developing programmes to enhance the skills and capacity of local people to access better-paid jobs
  • supporting successful integration of all our communities, improving health, safety and cohesion
  • lobbying for more control and money from government and the Greater London Authority to target help where it’s needed most
  • encouraging domestic and foreign investment to regenerate our industrial land
  • marketing the potential of this place internationally to pull in businesses who want to make London their base

Benefits of becoming a Friend of Local London

We want to work with and support our Friends to achieve their own objectives.

By becoming a Friend, we will work with you, utilising expertise within our member councils and partners.

In addition, we offer these other benefits:

  • promotion: we will promote your organisation via a case study in the Friends Gallery section of our website explaining how you are supporting growth in Local London
  • a quarterly newsletter: to keep you updated on funding and bidding opportunities, events, news, insight and case studies, we will send you our Friends newsletter
  • networking: we will hold networking events for Friends to meet key representatives from our councils, including leaders and chief executives, as well as other partners. We will also hold workshops on issues relevant to our Friends (to be decided by the results of a survey)
  • Friend of Local London mark: we will send you our exclusive ‘Friend of Local London mark’ to use on your digital and printed assets

Sign up to become a Friend

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