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Local London will support boroughs by commissioning insight to understand the needs of our future population to inform strategic planning.

The population across Local London is estimated to be 2.4 million. It has already increased by 25% since 2000 and is expected to grow by a further half a million by 2040.

The impact on infrastructure, employment and the economy of the sub-region will be significant.

The sub-region must be able to plan strategically for its growing and changing population. We need to understand the future impact of change and how to respond to it.

Local London will lead on a Population Commission. It will consider:

  • educational and skills needs
  • housing demand and infrastructure impacts
  • employment opportunities
  • demographic impacts on care requirements
  • the consequences for community cohesion

It will build on work done at a borough level to draw together a more complete understanding and input into London’s Local Industrial Strategy.

An important aspect of this is about we are using our space. The pressures on the Green Belt, the way in which we use industrial land, the connections to outside London and the scale and variety of demand for space will be considered as part of the overall commission.

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