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Our Ask

‘Our Ask’ is our wish list of ambitions for Local London.

To make them happen, we’ll need support from government, the Greater London Authority, The Mayor of London and investors.

We are working to put forward our case for each of them, specifically:

  1. Back Local London with real investment into skills training that is focused on getting people into work and building a future workforce.
  2. Invest in a network of business start-up and business growth services across Local London.
  3. Invest in transport connections including river crossings, extension of Crossrail, improved orbital routes and more environmentally friendly buses.
  4. Invest in digital infrastructure for both residents and businesses to make Local London a national leader in digital.
  5. Enable industrial land to be better used and to devolve responsibility and powers for housing provision.
  6. Increase police resources and invest in social services to help address knife crime, gangs and county lines.

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