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How Local London works

Local London’s primary focus is on growing this part of the UK’s capital city. Local London does this in the following ways:

Delivering programmes

Local London delivers a portfolio of programmes that support residents across the sub-region to improve their skills, get back into work, find a career, and get better access to the internet.

Our support to businesses focuses on improving their ability to capitalise on digital, e-commerce and web technologies.

Our programmes – which have either been devolved from Central Government or funded through bidding activities – are worth more than £85 million.

Working in partnership

Local London works in partnership with a wide range of private and public sector organisations, the voluntary sector, the Greater London Assembly and Government to deliver positive outcomes for the sub-region.

We also lead partnership work ourselves. In 2022, we launched the Local London Green Jobs and Skills Partnership. This brings together various organisations including local authorities, further and higher education providers, and employers to develop strategies and practical support for residents now, and in the future, to capitalise on the boom in green jobs we will see in this sub-region.

Championing and influencing

Local London acts as champion and voice for this sub-region. We use our collective influence to lobby London and Central Government decision makers and campaign for change. We speak up on a range of issues including Levelling Up to ensure that our member boroughs and partners can deliver good growth to benefit our residents.

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