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Local London manages a set of major programmes on behalf of our 8 member authorities. These programmes address issues that are relevant to multiple boroughs and create economies of scale.

The programmes are worth more than £50 million in total. They run for 3 to 4 years.

Future programmes

There will also be further opportunities to bid for monies. Local London will be proactive on shaping bids to influence both delivery and outcomes.

We will oversee an ongoing needs analysis to define areas we want to prioritise for funding. We’ll also use the analysis to nominate specific areas that we want to seek support for from the Greater London Authority, central government and other sources.

  • Digital investment programme

    Our digital investment programme puts cable connections into our public buildings to improve wi-fi connectivity.

  • LEAN East programme

    The London Enterprise Adviser Network (LEAN) puts a network of advisers into educational settings.