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Local London manages major programmes on behalf of our 8 member authorities which are worth around £65 million in total. These programmes address issues that are relevant to multiple boroughs and create economies of scale. They have either been devolved to Local London from Government, GLA or the European Union, or allocated to Local London following successful bids.

Local London is constantly monitoring opportunities and the needs of our region to identify where future funding bids should be made.

  • JETS – Job Entry Targeted Scheme

    The JETS scheme, which is part of the DWP Work and Health Programme started in mid-October 2020 as part of the Government response to the significant increase in unemployment due to the pandemic. Local London received £10M funding due to the huge increases in universal credit claims in our sub-region.

  • SME E-business programme

    Local London’s E business support programme provides free face to face support and advice for Small and Medium employers (SMEs) to help them to increase productivity through the development of digital technology and e-commerce in their businesses. The aim of the programme is to help the businesses to grow, increase…

  • Careers Hub

    Local London Careers Hub, is one of four pan London sub regional Careers Hubs, working to ensure every young person in East London makes their best next step through working with Secondary Schools and Colleges to enhance Careers Education and Information, Advice and Guidance Programmes across the East London sub…

  • Digital investment programme

    Our digital investment programme puts cable connections into our public buildings to improve wi-fi connectivity.