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About Local London

Local London is a partnership of 8 London boroughs in the north and east of the capital working to respond to a set of mutual issues and challenges.

Representing around 2.5 million residents and nearly 100,000 businesses, we are a champion for this sub-region to ensure it benefits from existing and emerging opportunities.

Local London was established in February 2016 and is one of 4 regional partnerships in London.

Our 8 partner boroughs are:

Our work is varied and wide-ranging. As a collective, our intention is to deliver outcomes which benefit all our member boroughs.

A voice for the sub-region

We act as a mouthpiece for the sub-region where:

  • key decisions are being made about the future of our region
  • there are proposals, plans or projects affecting our sub-region

This could mean:

  • active involvement on boards or meetings
  • submitting detailed responses to consultations
  • pitching for specific resources or powers


We act as a influencer for the sub-region. As a collective, we understand the geography, demography, economy and politics of this place best.

For example, the River Thames cuts across our sub-region. Getting from our northern boroughs to those in the south usually means our residents have to commute to central London first. So, one of our influencing activities is about improving cross-river links.

Our influencing role is also about securing new or devolved powers from the Mayor of London or national government. We believe that making decisions closer to where people live means those decisions are more relevant.


We act in a fundraising and income-generation capacity for the sub-region. This means bidding for grants and other financial resources for specific purposes.

As a result of our bidding activities, we now oversee programmes and projects around:

  • health
  • wellbeing
  • skills generation
  • Our structure

    Local London has 2 strategic/oversight boards, 4 operational boards that deliver our work, plus a central office in Redbridge.

  • What we do

    Local London is working together to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth, and opportunities for our residents and businesses to succeed.