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Local London will support boroughs by exploring potential policy solutions to mutual challenges.

For example, Local London boroughs are disproportionately affected by asylum dispersal cases. This is putting pressure on services and potentially having an impact on cohesion and integration. As a group of boroughs, there is potential to explore this issue in depth, and put forward policy ideas to decision-makers at regional and national levels.

In addition, our boroughs recognise the climate emergency we face. Across the sub-region, there are opportunities to explore and implement climate-change policies in unison to achieve greater impact.

Sharing best practice

Additionally, Local London can utilise best practice from across our boroughs and share it for wide-ranging purposes.

Across our sub-region, boroughs and partners are delivering innovative and effective work. Where good practice exists, there are opportunities to share and learn to respond to mutual challenges, and to pool resources, capacity and insight to inform policy development, lobbying and bidding activities.

For example, Local London led on the business rates retention bid that realised money for digital infrastructure improvements. This will lead to nine pilot projects across our boroughs. Local London will coordinate the future rounds of bidding, but will also provide learning from historic projects so that boroughs can determine future implementation. The shared approach also provides opportunities to create frameworks and reduced bureaucracy.

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