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Local London supports boroughs by advocating potential policy solutions to mutual challenges.

As a group of boroughs, there is potential to explore common issues, share learning and put forward policy ideas to decision-makers at London and national levels. This work amplifies and complements borough advocacy, articulating issues which have an impact beyond individual boroughs and where our collective voice can achieve a greater impact.

Sharing best practice

Across our sub-region, boroughs and partners are delivering innovative and effective solutions. Where good practice exists, there are opportunities to share and learn to respond to mutual challenges, and to pool resources, capacity and insight to inform policy development, lobbying and bidding activities.

Harnessing our collective voice

By working together, to bring our collective voice and influence to bear on London and national government, we can achieve a lot more for the sub region.

Local London is developing a suite of policy position papers which together will form a prospectus for the sub-region.

All policies are developed alongside borough officers and signed off by borough leaders through Local London’s Joint Committee.

Policy Statements

Transport Policy Position 

Local London boroughs have experienced significant demographic change and population growth, above the national average, making it the fastest growing part of London. However, investment in transport infrastructure has not kept pace with this growth.

⇒ Discover our Transport Policy Position.

Digital Strategy 

The availability of world class digital infrastructure across Local London is key to delivering economic prosperity and efficient public services. There are over 100,000 premises in the sub-region unable to access gigabit capable services. A gap has been identified in the investment plans of the telecommunications industry in the sub-region meaning large parts are unlikely to benefit from commercial investment in gigabit capable full fibre services until mid-late 2020s.

Read our sub-regional strategy which sets out best practice with learning from our boroughs and beyond to help lever in investment and address our digital divide.

Funding for Local Growth 

Local London has been working closely with boroughs since 2016 to maximise investment from a range of public sources to support local economic and social objectives. Therefore, we have developed a good understanding of the challenges facing boroughs, how well-designed public funds can support local growth and what lessons can be learnt for future programmes.

The main sources of funding for local growth currently available to support boroughs’ ambitions are due to end in 2025 and there is currently no proposal for either an extension or a successor programme. Any successor programmes should be locally focussed, locally shaped and designed to support inclusive and sustainable growth.

⇒Read our our asks for funding to support local growth.

Employment and Skills Vision 

The Local London sub-region is among of the fastest growing parts of London and a key area for economic growth. As part of our key pillars, Local London is committed to focus on employer-led skills development, employment growth, raising the aspirations of young people through career support, and digital inclusion, including business support.

⇒Read the Local London Vision for Employment and Skills.




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