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What we do

Local London is working together to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth, and opportunities for our residents and businesses to succeed. We want everyone across the sub-region to feel the benefits of our growth.

Our ambitions

Local London is ambitious for the sub-region we represent.

  1. Skills and employment

    This is about ensuring local people have the skills they need to access quality employment opportunities in our sub-region and beyond.

    This includes an emphasis on construction, technology and supporting people into work through our major programmes – such as the Work and Health programme and careers development programme.

  2. Transport and digital infrastructure

    Our boroughs need a modern and accessible transport infrastructure. We want river crossings, orbital transport links and the extension of current routes such as DLR and Crossrail. We also want investment in digital connectivity.

  3. Business

    We want to help businesses to develop and grow.

    We need to support SMEs to become sustainable businesses. We also need to encourage inward investment into sectors with good employment opportunities.

  4. Communities

    We want to work with our communities to ensure there is strong cohesion and all people can succeed. We want to tackle issues collectively.

  • Programmes

    We manage a set of major programmes – worth more than £50 million – bringing benefits and economies of scale to our member authorities.

  • Partnerships

    Our campaigns support our ambitions for Local London.

  • Policy Development

    Local London will support boroughs by exploring potential policy solutions to mutual challenges.