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Local London and Localis to launch levelling-up findings for East London

Ahead of the launch of the Government’s flagship Levelling Up White Paper, Local London has announced it will publish a new report which will shine fresh light on the sub-region’s case for support.

The Levelling Up White Paper is the Government’s flagship policy for reducing regional deprivation and inequalities. The most basic definition of levelling up assumes poorer regions will be ‘levelled up’ with wealthier regions through various measures and funding arrangements.

Local London has long argued East London is a special case for levelling up support and should be treated similarly to regions often cited for assistance like Cornwall, Teesside and Merseyside. The EU categorised this region ‘least developed’.

In August, Local London commissioned Localis – the well-respected and independent think tank to research and write a new narrative for the sub-region accounting for its historic and entrenched deprivation and the impact of the pandemic on East London.

Their report ‘Levelling Up and Local London’ will be launched on 2nd November with a new set of policy ideas and asks of Government.

A copy of the report will be sent to the new Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Michael Gove, and other key decision-makers.

Local London will also be seeking meetings with key civil servants involved in developing levelling-up policy and funding to ensure the sub-region’s position is understood.


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