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Local London submits 3 bids to support regional growth

We have submitted 3 bids to the Strategic Investment Pot, which is overseen by the City of London.

Our bids, if awarded, would support work around digital infrastructure, productivity escalator and e-business development.

The bid process included contributions from all eight authorities, and we have pitched for around £20 million in total.

We will be updated later this year about the next steps.

We are in the middle of bidding for ERDF funding to support carbon reduction.

Our bid will focus on supporting businesses and boroughs to reduce carbon emissions. We will put forward our bid by the 30 September with a decision expected later in the year.

Other bidding opportunities are expected to emerge in this financial quarter, such as the London Growth Fund.

Staff from Local London have attended a workshop about this funding stream, which is pitched at project and/or borough level. Some projects could inevitably cross borders. We are happy to work with boroughs who are keen to submit an application around a specific project idea.

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