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Havering is London’s tech beacon

With a major push towards growth in the borough, Havering is ramping up its drive to attract more businesses and encourage start-ups by offering prime locations, affordable rents and improving connectivity.

The marketing push is reaping benefits. Havering is now home to more than 8,300 businesses with 1,000 new enterprises launching every year.

Feted as the tech start-up capital of London, the borough has established construction, retail, engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Havering’s growing network includes:

  • business centres
  • an established supply chain initiative,
  • improving infrastructure through C2C and Crossrail
  • 2 Business Improvement Districts at Romford and London Riverside
  • bidding for a Heathrow Logistics Hub
  • a new partnership with London City Airport

These all point to stellar growth for London’s 3rd-largest borough.

Nearly half the borough’s residents commute within the borough, helping to sustain a strong local economy and an excellent employment rate.

The borough’s key commercial towns of Romford and Rainham have a distinct appeal that attracts a diverse range of businesses.

Council Leader Damian White said: “Havering residents and businesses have a huge amount of enthusiasm for the future. It is such an exciting time to live and work in this borough.”

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