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Ambitious vision for Ilford is taking shape

A five-year multi-million-pound vision to transform Ilford is reinvigorating the centre of the popular town centre.

Called Ilford “for you, for me, for all”, the vision for Ilford town centre was drawn up with contributions from local people, businesses and other key stakeholders.

Now three years into its delivery, there has been significant momentum to create a modern metropolitan town centre in the heart of East London boasting new residential, cultural and leisure amenities supported by wide-ranging public realm improvement.

Key elements of the project

Re-development of Ilford Station

To the west of the town centre, Ilford Station is being updated to support the introduction of Crossrail services. Works include a new southern station entrance, which will complete in 2020, and a major new station building due to complete by the end of 2020.

The advent of high-speed services will mean connections to all parts of central London will be under 20 minutes. In addition, 1,500 new homes will be built close by, so more people can benefit from city-centre living and easy commuting.

Ilford town centre

Within the town centre itself, the first phase of a wide-ranging cultural and leisure programme called The Spark has been completed. When finished, The Spark will introduce a covered food market, workspace and artist studios, and an array of community events.

It will also create more than 150 new jobs, provide 40 work placement opportunities for young people and support residents into employment – through partners SPACE, Mercato Metropolitano and Things Made Public.

Improvements to Ilford High Street

To support all of this, a £7 million public realm transformation programme is underway in and around Ilford High Road. This will include new paving, planting, public art, a play street, lighting and infrastructure for street performances and a new market.

All works are expected to be completed by March 2021.

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