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Government wants to hear your views on fast broadband in Greater London

The Government is seeking views from relevant stakeholders including internet service providers, broadband infrastructure operators, Boroughs as well as businesses and members of the public to understand gigabit-capable broadband infrastructure in Greater London.

Launched on Tuesday 4 October, the review will close on Friday 4 November 2022.

Project Gigabit

The UK Gigabit Programme or ‘Project Gigabit‘ is a £5 billion government infrastructure project that brings together everything the government is doing to enable and deliver fast and reliable digital connectivity for the country.

The government’s ambition is to deliver nationwide gigabit-capable broadband as soon as possible. The market is making great progress in delivering this ambition but there is a need for government intervention in those parts of the country that are not commercially viable.

The £5bn will be spent nationally through a package of co-ordinated and mutually supportive investments, collectively known as the UK Gigabit Programme. As part of this, Building Digital UK is developing a procurement approach for funding contracts to suppliers delivering gigabit-capable wholesale infrastructure.

Gigabit-capable broadband is important for all communities providing faster, more reliable connectivity for homes and businesses everywhere.

Local London Boroughs were included in lot 37 of an Open Market Review (OMR) which took place between March 2022 and June 2022 by BDUK (Building Digital UK, part of Department of Culture and Media). This public consultation is seeking to provide additional detail about the proposed eligible area for government investment.  Suppliers who missed contributing to the preceding OMR, had no definitive plans and/or evidence base on which to substantiate claims at that earlier stage, or have subsequently updated their plans, now have a final opportunity to notify BDUK before the procurement stage.

More information’s about London Project Gigabit Lot 37 can be found at www.gov.uk/government/consultations/project-gigabit-greater-london-lot-37-public-review


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