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What’s new in the Local London Data Warehouse?

Our data warehouse is free tool that anybody can use to find out more about their borough, our sub-region as a whole, and how they compare to the rest of London.

From demographics, to business figures, languages spoken, as well as qualifications and employment, it has it all in easy to understand charts, maps and graphs.

The data warehouse contains information on all nine London boroughs in our sub-region and has recently been updated to include:

  • Apprenticeship data and attainment.
  • Unemployment data from two different sources.
  • Census data from the 2021 national census.

Sarah Murray Director of Local London said “Understanding what is happening under the bonnet of our local economies is key to finding the solutions. Our teams have been making use of the data warehouse to understand our communities, for example looking at widely spoken non-English languages, and better target our support. For our boroughs it can be a helpful tool to support strategic planning and promoting inclusive growth. As a sub-region it provides evidence that challenges assumptions about this part of London.”

Each of our member boroughs has a login to Lightcast. Lightcast provide insight to help better understand local labour market, that can help organisations make strategic and tactical decisions that make a difference to local people’s lives.

For any questions regarding Lightcast (formerly EMSI) logins or the Local London data warehouse please contact Local.London.Data@redbridge.gov.uk

Screenshot of the Local London Data Warehouse

Data underpins inclusive growth strategies

Local London has been an active member of the London and South Productivity Forum since 2022. The Productivity Lab’s borough-level ‘local productivity scorecards’ provide a powerful tool to support local and sub-regional inclusive growth strategies alongside our own data warehouse.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is currently seeking views of residents and other boroughs to help inform its inclusive growth strategies. Have your say before 5 February 2024.

Find out more

Find out more about the Productivity Institute and the local productivity scorecards.

  Check out the latest data releases and see what this means for your borough in our data warehouse.

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