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Local London partners are being asked to help shape work the Local London team will do to support people and organisations in the subregion.

Local London’s three year plan is an important document that will set out our ambitions, our asks of decision-makers, the work we will do and how we will govern ourselves and demonstrate our accountability to our member boroughs from 2022 to 2025.

Work to develop the next three year plan for Local London has started with a series of conversations with borough officers. The current plan which was adopted in November 2019 and runs until 2022 was developed before the outbreak of the COVID global pandemic which has had a seismic impact on East and North-East London.

In parallel to work underway on a refresh of the skills strategy and the development of two new strategies on transport and digital for the sub-region, Local London is gathering views on the focus for the partnership for the next three years. A workshop will be organised in phase two to discuss the input received and to identify the emerging themes and priorities. After the local elections, the conversation will continue with our elected representatives to ensure that the subregional plan reflects borough priorities.  We aim to finalise the new Local London plan by the summer.

The mantra will continue to be that Local London will seek to enhance and add value to the work of the boroughs and to amplify the voice of the subregion across London and national government.

We welcome input and suggestions, please contact Sarah Murray, Director of Local London, sarah.murray@redbridge.gov.uk by 14th April 2022.


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