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Careers Hub

Giving young people in south east and north east London quality careers education and guidance.

Local London Careers Hub East is one of four careers hubs in London. The team work with secondary schools and colleges in East London, north and south of the river, to enhance careers information, advice and guidance programmes and to ensure every young person in our part of London gets the best careers education and experience to enable them to make their best next step at 16+.

The essence of the Hub is to enable collaboration between business partners, education providers and careers companies to support establishments in delivering the Gatsby Benchmarks, which is a framework for schools and colleges to deliver high quality careers education and guidance.

The Local London Careers Hub East team supports schools and colleges in achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks by:

  • Introducing business volunteers, from local and national companies, otherwise known as Enterprise Advisers or Industry volunteers; with the principle aim of enabling young people to understand and prepare for their best next steps.
  • Offering a menu of activities that will enhance schools’ and colleges’ careers education programmes.
  • Working with partners including higher education, further education, professional providers and organisations across East London to ensure all eligible schools and colleges will continue to receive support in delivering a good careers education programme.

If you are a company and would like to support education establishments to inspire young people and your future workforce, find out more through our careers hub website.

If you are involved in careers education at a school or college the Careers Hub offers a wide range of information and resources to help you make the most of your careers programme. To request a log in to see all the resources, please contact: careershub.east@redbridge.gov.uk.

The Career Hubs in London are funded through the Greater London Authority and Careers and Enterprise Company and the Career Hub for East London is managed by Local London together with Bromley Council.

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