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The Integration Hub is here to ensure that residents across our boroughs receive the support they need to find and keep good work, and have careers that they can be proud of.

What is the Local London Integration Hub? 

As part of the Mayor of London’s ‘No Wrong Door’ initiative, Local London’s Integration Hub team bring together employment services, employers and residents looking for work, apprentice/traineeships or training opportunities.

Our team work face-to-face with job centre staff and service providers to help them to help people find the right work and training opportunities for them.

Our team works to ensure people across the sub-region can access the employment and learning options available to them, and work especially hard to reach these priority groups:

  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) and residents with disabilities, aged 19 and above.
  • Low-skilled 19 to 24-year-olds (anyone without maths and English at Level 2).
  • Those aged 50 and above.

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How we work 

The vision of our Integration Hub team is to support residents to get better access to opportunities, advice and guidance to help achieve their career goals.   

They are doing this by:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by our residents, the services and individuals that support them, and the businesses that employ them. 
  • Collaboratively working with colleagues to ensure they have the know-how and resources to help our most vulnerable residents.   
  • Helping to establish clear processes and interventions that provide remedies at local level. 
  • Amplifying opportunities, resources, and best practice to ensure that no matter where you are in our sub-region, your experience is consistent. 

What we are doing 

Ability Not Disability Training

Free training and information primarily aimed at employers and businesses that support organisations to be more inclusive.

Discover our Ability Not Disability workshop playlist.

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SEND Board and Community of Practice

A human process intervention aimed at improving the quality of support to residents in the sub-region accessing local authority job brokerages. 

Evaluation and feedback loops

These include but is not limited to frontline adviser listening exercises, perception surveys and resident focus groups. This workstream is entirely resident centred and provides us with important data on what is working well and areas within our local skills and employment system that requires improvement.  
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Communications and Broadcasts

Targeted at our frontline advisers and job coaches, this series is designed to amplify information and referral routes. Our broadcasts provide timely and time-efficient information to our frontline advisers. They last between 10-15minutes at a time and the messaging is consistent and accessible. All broadcasts are recorded and distributed to all those who cannot attend live sessions.  
⇒ Watch our Intro for employment advisors to Mind the Skills Gap: our employer-led skills improvement plan/LSIP broadcast.

Support for Grassroots Community Groups and Organisations

The strand of work exists to support non statutory and non-commercial organisations and not for profits that support our residents.  

50+ Labour Market Information Publications

This strand of work is designed to provide accessible careers information to older residents on priority sectors facing skills shortages, as identified by our employer-led research. Our publications have been co-designed with residents and are intended to raise the profile of work in these priority sectors as well as helping residents to map their careers and learning journey. 

Work Connections Website 

This website is being developed to connect all things employment and skills across Local London. Whether you are an adviser or job coach, jobseeker, or an employer you will find lots here in the coming months.  
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About No Wrong Door

Local London’s Integration Hub is one strand of the GLA’s No Wrong Door initiative. Its focus is on driving improvement and embedding a single-front-door approach to employment and skills provision across the sub-region. This includes improving awareness and access to careers and employment related support for our most vulnerable residents, as well as upskilling the key actors in the employment and skills supply chain to meet the needs of our residents. 

Get in touch

You can get in touch with us at workconnections@redbridge.gov.uk

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