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The Integration Hub is here to ensure that residents across our boroughs receive the support they need to find and keep good work, and have careers that they can be proud of.

As part of the Mayor of London’s ‘No Wrong Door’ (NWD) initiative, Local London’s Integration Hub team bring together employment services, employers and residents looking for work, apprentice/traineeships or training opportunities.

Our team work face-to-face with job centre staff and service providers to help them to help people find the right work and training opportunities for them.

We will work to ensure people across the sub-region can access the work and learning options available to them, and work especially hard to reach these priority groups:

  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) and residents with disabilities, aged 19 and above.
  • Low-skilled 19 to 24-year-olds (anyone without maths and English at Level 2).
  • Those aged 50 and above.

How do we help people looking for work or training?

Are looking for a job? Thinking about changing to a different job or career, or just interested to see what job and career options are available in your area? Want to know which sectors are recruiting?

Or would like to improve your skills, find a course, or want help improving your CV? Or want to know about employment services in your area and where you can get advice?

⇒Discover all this at www.workconnections.london

You will also be able to find details of upcoming face-to-face sessions near you.

How does Work Connections help employers?

Employers are businesses are at the heart of our local economy and we know that your staff is at the heart of your business.

Whether you are looking for help hiring local staff, information or support around apprenticeships or traineeships, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs at workconnections@redbridge.gov.uk. We cover nine boroughs located East and South of the capital.

How will we work with employment service advisers?

We are committed to helping more people in our boroughs get jobs and have careers they value.

Job centre and employment service providers play a huge role in helping people understand the jobs and training available to them. By ensuring that you know about all the options, you will make and receive more accurate referrals and better serve London and Londoners especially those who need the most help.

This will enhance your practice and is key to the delivery of the ‘No Wong Door’ Mayoral ambition.

Please get in touch with us at workconnections@redbridge.gov.uk

⇒ Visit the website: www.workconnections.london

About No Wrong Door

Local London’s Work Connections is part of the Mayor of London’s No Wrong Door programme to better join up employment and skills provision so that people in London can access the right support to find good jobs and progress in their careers – wherever they start their journey. The cost of living crisis means this is more important than ever.

The programme will focus on supporting those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.


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