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Digital infrastructure

Our digital infrastructure programme is delivering improved digital connectivity across the sub region.

Our programme is stimulating investment and uplifting the region’s attractiveness for both the telecommunications industry and the subsequent leverage of inward investment by highly skilled digital intensive industries. This is resulting in:

  • An increase in local productivity and employment.
  • A reduced gap in access to digital services across the region through increased availability and lowered cost of ownership – accompanied by a focus on skills and demand stimulation.
  • An enhanced ability to deliver local services, notably education, health, community safety and transport.
  • Environmental benefits.

Our activities include:

  • Funding and procuring full fibre infrastructure to public sites across the region.
  • Proactively engaging with the telecommunications industry to stimulate investment and remove barriers.
  • Establishing wayleave agreements to stimulate fibre connectivity in social housing.
  • Establishing clear organisation structures to ensure dialogue between the public sector and the telecommunications industry is enhanced and digital infrastructure is at the heart of the regions programmes.

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