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JETS helps people who have been unemployed and claiming benefits for between 13 weeks and 6 months to find work.

The JETS scheme, which is part of the DWP Work and Health Programme started in mid-October 2020 as part of the Government response to the significant increase in unemployment due to the pandemic. Local London received £10M funding due to the huge increases in universal credit claims in our sub-region.

The programme is for people who have been unemployed and claiming benefits for 13+ weeks and under 6 months and are unlikely to find work by themselves.

JETS provides targeted support to help them to find work, and we quickly found that participants needed a greater level of support than anticipated. As a result, our programme includes wrap-around support including debt and financial management advice as well as light-touch mental health support for all participants and bereavement support if needed.

We have received huge demand for the JETS programme, and it has been extended until September 2022 by the DWP.

Find out more jets.maximusuk.co.uk/london.

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