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Local London Works

  • Over16,000
    people helped through our employment programmes.

One of our portfolio of employment support, Local London Works supported unemployed and economically inactive residents into work. Funding ended in December 2023. People who have already started on the programme continue to be supported, however the programme is no longer taking on new starters.

Local London Works is an intensive and personalised work support programme that encourages upskilling and developing employability skills, particularly for inactive participants or those furthest from the labour market.

Funded through the European Social Fund it was expected to help over 2,000 local residents into work.

Who is it for?

Local London Works is a voluntary employment skills programme that is open to job seekers who would not be eligible for other programmes. There is no age restriction or required length of unemployment to be eligible.

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How is it being delivered?

The programme is being delivered by local employment brokerages and five of our boroughs have started delivery:​ Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Greenwich, Newham and Redbridge.

Partners at our boroughs are engaging with residents through contacts at Jobcentre Plus, councils’ own services, housing groups, local schools and charities, to deliver this programme holistically. ​

Local boroughs also have good working relationships with local charities and adult learning, who offer residents ESOL training around English and Maths, and many of these training opportunities are accessed whilst looking for work.

Boroughs also have employer engagement teams that draw on local employment opportunities, identifying the needs of local employers and directing residents to these opportunities. Both residents and employers gain free services to support local communities.

What does the programme include?

In addition to employment skills training, and signposting work opportunities, all five boroughs on programme offer participants the opportunity to access parallel services that support residents into work and sustain employment, including:

  • money advice,
  • better off calculations,
  • affordable loans,
  • help with expenses such as energy bills,
  • referrals to food banks,
  • advice on childcare,
  • cost-of-living advice, and
  • support with direct costs such as travel expenses.

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What people say about our Works programme

“My advisor Nicola has been brilliant, she listened to what my needs and wants as a job seeker and tailored jobs that were suitable for me. Nicola helped me with my CV, job applications, mock interviews, and problem solving. The main thing was that Nicola listened to my needs and gave me confidence by not just applying for any jobs, but jobs I will benefit from. I would not have got this job without my advisor, I am so happy.” Local London Works participant and now happily employed.

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How the programme is funded

This programme was funded through £4 million from the European Social Fund until December 2023. The programme is supporting those who have already joined but is no longer taking on new starters.

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